Project Manager – Team A.I.

A typical day as Project Manager at
You start your day by responding to any outstanding customer support tickets and requests. You hop on a short Slack huddle with your colleagues to discuss on-going projects, you give updates on timelines and discuss when A.I. assistants will be released by the development team. In turn, you brief the development team on a new ticket with a feature for one of your customers. Before lunch, you prepare an onboarding session for a new customer that is happening later in the day. After your lunch break, you host an online onboarding session for a new customer. Together with the new customer you discuss about the requirements for their A.I. assistant and scope out the project. In the late afternoon you work on design updates via the platform. You close out the day by celebrating a smooth onboarding session and talk with the COO about where you might need some support.

In one simple sentence
You are the go-to person for our customers! You manage the entire project management process for our A.I. assistants: from on-boarding customers, briefing our Head of Product on a new ticket or feature, keeping customers up-to-date, launching on-time while collecting data & feedback on the way.

A bit more about, a fast-growing AI chatbot platform, is seeking a Project Manager – Team A.I. to join our team. From day one you will work on managing a wide variety of projects (A.I. assistants). You will support customers with onboarding, design, development and implementation. You are the go-to person between different customers and the internal teams. You make sure there’s a realistic planning, communicate frequently with customers about project status and manage everything A-Z.

The hats you will wear
Project manager, planner, chaser, customer advocate, operator, problem solver. A fun and dynamic customer-facing role that blends managing multiple projects from A-Z within a fast-growing A.I. / tech company

Where we see this role going
In the coming years we see this role becoming one of the key and central roles within growing into the role Senior Project Manager and later Head of Projects. You will be leading and growing a team of talented junior project managers. As more and more customers will use the platform, scaling the project management processes and team will be critical for platform and company success.

Who you will work with
We are small but growing team with a flat structure. In your day-to-day you will mainly work together with:

COO: you will be supported & coached by our COO. Together you run the project and customer operation of the A.I. assistants.
Head of Product: all the customer feedback you gather on the A.I. assistants you will share with our Head of Product. This feedback is super important to improve the platform and products.
Sales & Marketing team: success stories of A.I. assistants and customers need to be shared, together with Sales & Marketing you work on customer cases, award entries and blogs
Future Project Managers: we are rapidly growing and in the coming years we will bring on more project managers. And if you want: you can grow into a Senior Project Manager / Head of Projects role helping junior project managers.

Coaching & support
– We believe in an open and transparent way of working. You get better by getting feedback instantly, in a professional manner
– You will analyze feedback (data) from the A.I. assistants that you manage and of course your customers. Here’s where you’ll learn a ton about what works and doesn’t
– In a professional and fun way we will work on your professional development that works for you. Monthly feedback session, or 2x per year. Let’s discuss what you personally like.
– Ambitions to grow? Great! We have a professional development plan to help you with that

How we work
– We work remotely but meet up regularly in Utrecht or Amsterdam. Including a monthly team meet, in person, so we can look each other in the eye!
– As a Project Manager you will show up to the offices of our customers approximately 1x per month. We have a flexible approach to work and you will get the autonomy to create your own schedule, but remember that most of our customers work between Monday and Friday during the day.
– *Please do not apply for this role if you are not living in the Netherlands.*

Your profile – the Project Manager skill set
– Healthy obsession for managing projects like a badass
– Spinning multiple plates (projects) is completely your thing
– Communicative: you enjoy talking to customers, developers, basically everyone
– Getting shit done, that is what makes you happy
– Structure, organized, and detail oriented, that’s you!
– You are not afraid to ask for help if you need it
– Agency experience as project manager, account manager, client service manager, traffic manager = big kudos and plus!
– 2-4 years of work experience is preferred
– A.I. is an interesting topic for you, which you want to learn more about
– Enjoy working in a growing team
– Fluent in Dutch (& proficient in English)

Your personality
– Happy with a smile
– Highly communicative & responsive
– Pro-active & takes initiative
– Enthusiastic & sociable

You enjoy
– Bringing structured in the organized chaos
– Talking with customers and making them AHAP (As Happy As Possible)
– Keeping the helicopter view
– Creating realistic game plans
– Sharp eye for detail
– Managing the entire project management process: from on-boarding customers to briefing developers, launching on-time and collecting feedback along the way
– Fun colleagues and a diverse range of customers
– Constantly improving the customer operation and project management process: making your work more fun, smart, efficient and enjoyable
– Learning more about working in a tech / A.I. scale up

You will enjoy your work with and our team if:
– You enjoy working together in a diverse team with a wide range of personalities
– You enjoy autonomy and responsibility
– You enjoy to constantly improve processes
– You are easily approachable for customers and colleagues
– You enjoy work-life balance
– You want to be able to be ‘you’/ yourself

What we offer
• Salary that matches your experience
• 8% holiday allowance;
• Unlimited holidays, you are obliged to take breaks!
• NS business card to cover business travel expenses;
• Laptop, mobile phone inc. sim card
• Hybrid working: remote, from home and occasionally in our office in Utrecht/Amsterdam;
• Autonomy and freedom to run your own shop;
• The opportunity to help scale a growing company active in Europe and Asia;

Our recruitment process
Step 1: an introductory call (30 min) with COO
Step 2: if considered, you will get an invite for a (60 min) call with one of the founders
Step 3: if considered, let’s meet in person with the COO & founder
Step 4: if we are all positive, you will receive an offer letter, get ready to sign?
Step 5: start your 1st day at

Get in touch (contact)
Excited about this role? Send us your motivation letter + CV to
Note that we only consider candidates who live in The Netherlands and speak Dutch fluently (English at a professional level).

Please don’t apply if you are living abroad.