Product Owner – Partner in

  • Location: Netherlands.
  • Only applicants living in the Netherlands are invited to apply. We work remotely, but meet up regularly for face 2 face meetings in Amsterdam and Utrecht with the team, so do not accept applications for this role from other regions. 
  • If you want to apply, please apply please click on this link to our LinkedIn career page. If you can not find the role on our LinkedIn career page, we are currently not accepting applicants.

Job description

Product Owner & Partner at

  • You are a Product Owner with an entrepreneurial mindset, excited to step on board a rocket ship that has just landed on the Moon and is about to take off for Mars 🚀
  • You have a positive attitude and a technical background and hands-on experience with the technology we work with like NodeJS, React, Cloud platforms, Machine Learning/AI, NoSQL databases and API’s.
  • We work remotely but meet up regularly in Utrecht or Amsterdam. *Please do not apply for this role if you are not living in the Netherlands.*

A workday as Product Owner at

You start your day by leading the development stand-up. Here you will discuss progress on platform & customer tasks, set goals for the day ahead and help with prioritization of the backlog. Throughout the morning, you serve as the go-to person for platform-related inquiries, collaborating with engineers, designers, and stakeholders to tackle any challenges that arise. In the afternoon your focus shifts to the long-term vision & strategy for the platform. You further craft the product & platform roadmap with new features that align with customer feedback, technical opportunities, and advancements in Large Language Models and A.I. Before the day closes, you sit down with the Strategy & UX lead fostering a close collaboration to ensure a seamless platform user experience and to align the platform & product roadmap with the company’s long-term strategy, customer feedback, performance, operational challenges and business needs;

In one simple sentence

Leading the Development team while meticulously managing the platform and product backlog, ensuring that the team works on the most valuable features and improvements.

A bit more, a fast-growing AI chatbot platform, is seeking an experienced and dynamic Product Owner to join our team. As a Product Owner, you will be responsible for managing the development team and driving the platform forward.

Your expertise in product vision, backlog prioritization, and team management will be instrumental in delivering the best possible product for our customers. Additionally, you will collaborate closely with the Strategy & UX Lead to ensure the platform’s success.

The hats you will wear

Development team lead, platform visionary, technical operator, problem solver, feature planner and super-prioritizer. A fun and dynamic role that uniquely blends building technology with a human touch in a fast-growing A.I. company.

Where we see this role going

In the coming years we see this role becoming one of the key and central roles within growing into the role of Chief Product Officer. You are leading and growing a team of talented developers, spearheading the development of the A.I. platform. As more and more customers will use the platform, scaling the team and the technology will be critical for platform and company success.

Product Owner skill set

  • Manage the development team to ensure optimal performance and growth of each team member.
  • “Own” the PaaS platform, serving as the go-to person for all platform-related questions
  • Develop a long-term vision and strategy for the product/platform
  • Prioritize and manage the platform and products backlog
  • Align the product roadmap with the long-term strategy, client feedback, industry developments, and advancements in AI and Large Language Models
  • Manage prioritization and trade-offs between customer experience, business needs, technical limitations, performance, and operational constraints
  • Contribute to engineering discussions around technology decisions and strategy related to the product/application
  • Collaborate closely with the Strategy & UX Lead to ensure a seamless user experience
  • Uphold the principle of “privacy by design” and ensure the platform’s compliance with relevant regulations

Your Profile, Skills and Qualifications:

  • Positive, enthusiastic, and sociable attitude with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Self-starter with a strong sense of reliability and proactivity
  • Driven and self-motivated, constantly pushing for excellence
  • Proven experience as a Product Owner with a strong track record of managing development teams
  • Experience in creating and executing a long-term vision for a product or platform
  • Proficiency in managing and prioritizing product backlogs
  • Previous experience with NodeJS, React, Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure), Machine Learning/AI, NoSQL databases and APIs
  • Previous experience in A.I., SaaS, PaaS and/or platform development and experience in UX design is a big plus
  • Fluency in English is a must, Fluency in Dutch is a big plus

What we offer

  • The opportunity to earn a significant stake in & become partner / co-owner of
  • A salary ranging from 4250 to 5250 commensurate with your experience and skill set.
  • Flexible work arrangements, including the option to work remotely or at our flex offices in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or The Hague
  • 8% holiday allowance and unlimited vacation days
  • NS business card for covering business travel expenses
  • Provided with a laptop, mobile phone etc.
  • As much autonomy and responsibility as you can handle
  • The opportunity to help scale a growing AI company active in Europe and Asia
  • You will get to work directly with the founders of (who are fairly nice guys)

Our recruitment process

  • An introductory call with one of the founders,
  • If positive, a 45 min call with Head of Customer Strategy & UX so you can get a feel for the company,
  • If considered, an invite for a 60 min call with CTO,
  • A face-to-face meeting with one of the founders, where we will discuss your offer,
  • Start your 1st day at