Our Chat & Voicebot Consultant acts as an account/business/project owner and a strategic advisor to our clients on digital marketing projects. In addition, our Chat & Voicebot Consultant translates client challenges into solutions & drives client success.


Looking for a job at a young, fast-paced and innovative company? Are you keen on taking on complex marketing challenges and solving them through smart use of Artificial Intelligence, Chat and Voice Bots for global brands? Chances are you could be our next Chat & Voicebot Consultant.

Role description

Our Chat & Voicebot Consultant owns our clients’ projects from start to finish. In addition, you work as a strategic advisor to our clients on their Chat & Voice Bot projects. Our Chat & Voicebot Consultant has in-depth knowledge of the clients business, trends, opportunities, threats and competitive movements within the clients’ industry.

As a Chat & Voicebot Consultant, you are highly knowledgeable about Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Skype, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and all other Chat & Voice platforms that will soon dominate digital marketing for all big brands. Do not worry if you are not yet highly knowledgeable, we will teach you as long as you have the passion & drive to learn.

You are capable of outlining and coordinating integrated Chat & Voice Bot strategies within the rest of the digital customer journey. You design these based on your knowledge of digital customer journey management in general, and the clients’ situation in particular.


As a Chat & Voicebot Consultant, you are entrepreneurial, creative and commercial. You lead the development of your clients account and work closely together with our CSO, our CTO and the team of Digital Marketing Consultants from Pervorm to inform your client on what can be delivered and when, while checking on the quality delivered. You are a strategic advisor to the client on how to best deploy Chat & Voice Bots to achieve their business objectives. You will be responsible for client contact, project success & upsell of the client services & you know you love it.

 What is in it for me?

A fantastic job in one of the hottest branches in digital marketing at a company that is a close partner of multi-award-winning Data-Driven Marketing company Pervorm! As for the clients, you will work with global brands who choose us because they want to innovate and be the best. We are closely affiliated with Facebook and work closely together with the best developers in the world. Also, we offer our people a good salary, paid holidays, inspiring colleagues and optional stock options for our best performers.

 The must-haves

  • A huge drive to learn & vengeance to win
  • Entrepreneurial spirit + a self-starter with a strong work ethic
  • A bright mind and a natural thinker on a strategic business level
  • Experienced in working with international clients & being the driving force behind successful projects
  • In-depth knowledge of the interactive digital space, don’t worry about the knowledge on AI, Chat & Voice bots, you are a quick learner and we will teach you
  • Proficient sparring partner for our clients and 2 to 4 years of experience in the digital marketing space
  • Set on enabling sustainable growth for our clients, and will be one of their own
  • Fluent in Dutch and the English language, both written & spoken

What’s next?

If you are as excited as we are then why haven’t you sent us your details yet?